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DotComLawyerMarketing.com, is a premier lawyer marketing agency that works with attorneys, and law firms, all across the USA. We have clients in competitive cities like Los Angeles, NYC, Chicago, and many more. We currently work with law firms of all major sizes, ranging from big 500+ law firms, to sole practitioners. Our focus is helping lawyers generate more leads, and cases, from their marketing efforts. The reason attorneys work with us – is because we make making more money – easy. We specialize in SEO, and conversion optimization – meaning we figure out why you’re not getting cases, and fix that.

We’re different. We focus on cases. We could care less about traffic, or other garbage metrics. We look at your entire sales funnel – from traffic, to leads, to cases, and identify where you’re failing. Yeah – we do online marketing, but in reality we’re a business growth agency that transforms law firms. We improve what’s working – and identify what’s not.

Who we are

Nothing is outsourced. Everything is done in-house, at our office in NYC. We have a team of content writers, SEO experts, web designers, P.R. specialists, developers, and more. What’s important is that when you sign up with us – you have to access to the entire team. We work on every project – as a cluster. By default, you get the full expertise of our team when you work with us.

What drives us

Relationships matter to us. Many of our clients have been working with us for over 5 years – from when we first started. Our goal is to grow your firm, and grow the relationship we have with your firm over time. We’re proud of the fact we consider our clients – our friends. We directly feel responsible for your livelihood, and the livelihood of your employees. By trusting us with your marketing campaign – we understand the gravity of the responsibility, and promise to live up to the challenge.

  • We’re uber competitive

    We’re aggressive and get results – plain and simple. Top law firms in competitive cities like Chicago, NYC, and Los Angeles use us to dominate. Whether it’s personal injury, criminal defense, of matrimony, we get consistent results.

  • Month to Month

    We make it simple. There’s no setup fees, and no long term contracts. We’re a month to month marketing agency. We simply tell you what our timeline is for results, and what our retainers are. If you agree – we send over an agreement and get to work.

  • We’re selective

    It’s strange to hear that isn’t it? But it’s true. We don’t take every single attorney/law firm who contact us. If we don’t think we can help them – or if we simply think they don’t have the right condition for success – we turn them down as clients.