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When is PPC the right solution?

We recommend doing PPC if you want immediate leads and cases. If you have a great website, that you know converts – then PPC is right for you. With PPC, you can expect almost immediate lead flow and phone calls. Many firms who can’t wait for SEO results opt to do Google Adwords, because of it’s instantaneous impact.

Why PPC Campaigns We Manage WORK

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Why law firms typically choose to do pay per click?

Immediate ROI

It’s simple. Once you start the PPC campaign, you immediately start getting traffic, leads, and hopefully – cases. Whether you’re doing PPC with Adwords, Facebook, or some other medium – the end result is still the same…immediate traffic, and hopefully results.

Get The Exact Case You Want

One of the great things about PPC is you can get exactly the type of lead and case you want. For example, with PPC, you can focus an entire campaign on just white collar crimes, or car accidents, without spending money on the other stuff. Because you can target individual keywords, you get great specificity on which type of cases you get.

Get ROI Faster

PPC is an instantaneous marketing methodology. It means you get traffic immediately after the campaign turns on. It also means that you can liquidate your investment as soon as the campaigns turns on. For example, with SEO, it can take months/years to make your money back completely, but with PPC, it’s much faster.


PPC is super flexible. You can turn it on, or off, when you want. You can even disable it for weeks at a time, if you’re on vacation, or don’t need the extra business. This flexibility is why law firms love it, because you can turn it on when business is slow – then turn it off later.

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What our coustomer are say!

Dot Com does what it says it will do. You want someone whose this pragmatic to be guiding your marketing efforts.

Steve Goldman – Chicago Criminal Lawyer

Dot Com designed our website and brand kit in literally 3 days when we needed it fast. They are super professional, and create amazing stuff.

Aaron Sorkin – Delancey Street

If you're looking for an agency that will get you results, then work with Dot Com.

Todd Spodek – Long Island Divorce Lawyer

Dot Com is a great partner. They deliver what they say, and don't make fake promises. We highly recommend them.

Joel Farar – Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer

Dot Com Marketing delivers consistently, and is always innovating. I recommend you work with them if you want results.

Nima Haddadi – Los Angeles DUI Lawyer

When is PPC a great idea?

If you’re an attorney considering PPC, there’s a few things to consider. These factors can make or break the effectiveness of your PPC campaign, and whether you make your money back or not.

Does your website look good and function well?

Many law firms have broken, or outdated websites. They run PPC – and it fails. They blame the PPC campaign. In reality, it’s the website which was the issue. In some cases having a basic website isn’t enough to convert PPC traffic. When this is the case, running a PPC campaign can feel like a complete waste of money. If your website doesn’t look the best, then it might be a smart idea to first improve the design, fix the broken functionalities, and only then start the PPC campaign.

Can you actually answer the calls promptly?

Many sole practitioners are often in court during the day, and unable to answer their phone. This means many leads often “die,” because no ones answered the phone. Is this your situation? If so, it might not be advisable to run a PPC campaign. There’s no point in running the campaign if you can’t answer new inquiries while they are still hot.