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The last thing lawyers want to be concerned about is marketing. Most lawyers we know prefer to focus on developing their skills and deepening their knowledge of their field. DotComLawyerMarketing get’s that – and that’s why we exist. We are a full, 360, lawyer marketing agency, that services attorneys in Connecticut serious improving their online presence. We are an ROI centric agency – that helps lawyers generate more leads, and more signed up cases – internet marketing is simply the mechanism through which we do it.

The Changing Outlook for Marketers
For the first time in history, mobile devices have outstripped desktop computers as consumers’ preferred method to access the Internet and secure services. Your website is the most accessible and most visible representation of your brand: Ensuring it is well-designed and properly optimized so as to appear on the top of major search engine results pages is the first step in getting more cases.
DotCom Legal Marketing offers a wide swatch of services that can bolster your reputation and exposure by taking advantage of this fact. We offer extensive experience in bleeding-edge tactics of modern marketing. Our skills include traditional marketing, public relations management, web design, and search engine optimization (SEO). DotCom Legal Marketing is happy to fill the void.

Let DotCom Lawyer Marketing Take Over
We create solutions tailored to suit the precise needs of your business and the specific challenges posed by your niche. This means we will understand the nature of your target audience and the profiles of your competitors into careful consideration as we develop a comprehensive marketing solution.
At DotCom Legal Marketing, we do more than build websites. We help you create a brand and an online presence to match that brand.

Get Acquainted with our Client-First Ideology
Attorneys are familiar with the importance of client-centric thinking. We take the same approach to developing websites and providing marketing services. We take on fewer clients than many of our competitors, allowing us to pay more attention to your needs.
Securing cases is about more than being an effective attorney. It requires that you have a strong brand and an effective approach to generating leads. DotCom Legal Marketing can help you develop both, and keep the ball rolling with PR, SEO, video production services, and effective management of your marketing plan.

Work, Don’t Worry
DotCom Legal Marketing operates on a transparent, ROI-centric basis. We offer our services on a monthly basis, never requiring our clients to enter into long-term contracts with us. Without the weight of a contract weighing on your mind or wallet, you can focus entirely on the operation of your firm.