Divorce Attorney Marketing

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When you are trying to market your business properly, you must make sure you do it in the right way. Marketing yourself as a divorce attorney can be tricky because of the topic. You need to be the divorce attorney that is there to help people. If you are anything other than a kind divorce attorney, you are going to run into public relations problems in your community.

Be Gentle

Your marketing strategy has to be gentle. You cannot talk about divorce like it is not a big deal. In fact, you need to make sure that you make a point of saying that it is a big deal. You want to create a marketing campaign that paints divorce as the last resort for all couples. If you are divorced yourself, you need to make sure you share your own story. People are going to take you seriously when you take the topic of divorce seriously.

Market To Men And Women

You want to make sure that you are marketing to men and women. There are instances when both men and women need to get out of marriages as fast as possible. You also need to make sure you show that you can get restraining orders, orders of protection and property protection for your clients. There are always times when spouses are at war, and you need to show that you understand this dynamic.

Use Traditional Marketing Methods

People are used to attorneys marketing in their communities. You do not want to use a marketing campaign that has your image and name everywhere. You want to use a campaign that utilizes print ads, radio ads and the occasional digital ad to market your business. Your clientele is small, and you do not want to put off people by having your business named all over the city. Using traditional marketing methods makes it easier for people to avoid the topic, but they will come back to you when they remember your name if they are ever going through a divorce.

Child Help

You want to make sure that you offer assistance for families with small children. When you offer this assistance to families with small children, they are going to feel more safe with you. You may need to hire a child psychologist or other professional to help with your clients, and you will need to offer resources to your clients that will help them care for their children.

When you take the matter of children seriously, you are more likely to bring in new clients. This is especially helpful when there is a custody battle involved. You want to make sure you market yourself as a mediator. If you become known as the divorce attorney who tears kids away from their parents, you are never going to have a fruitful business.


You should never mention pricing in your ads. People know that attorneys cost money, and you should not make the process seem simple. Advertising a low price for your services makes you look desperate, and you do not want to be painted as the divorce attorney who will do anything for a dollar.

Marketing your divorce practice is an important part of your business plan. You need to make sure that you use all the techniques above to create the best marketing plan for your practice. You can become the gentle divorce attorney in town who is able to handle any case that comes their way. You can help families with their troubles, keep your marketing to a minimum and have a good public image that you will need in the future.