PPC Management For Lawyers

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The PPC management team at DotComWebDesign has managed over $500 million dollars of successful PPC campaigns.

Why Should You Consider Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is an advertising platform, where businesses can place their advertisements on page 1 of Google, for highly targeted and relevant search queries. It’s a system based on advertisers placing a bid, on an auction based system, for keywords. Your advertisement can appear in the top 3, above the organics, or in the search results that appear on the right side.

Benefits of Lawyer PPC 

PPC is a great advertising tool, since it allows any law firm to get immediate, relevant, traffic, to their website. We consistently see law firms get:

  • Traffic and exposure
  • Top of page 1
  • Highly qualified leads
  • Increase in phone calls

We believe that PPC is a great addition to any law firm’s marketing campaign, and should be considered, regardless of the size of the firm.

Why Lawyers Pick Us For Lawyer PPC Management

Expertise: All PPC campaigns built by our team are customized to “sell,” your law firm. We create custom advertisements, that highlight the selling points of your law firm, incentivizing prospective clients to click, and call, your law firm.

Daily Adjustments: As a part of our focus to detail, we manually review each of our clients campaigns, every day. We are always improving our clients campaigns, in order to improve overall conversions.

Daily Keyword Adjustments: In order to fine tune, and continuously improve your campaign, we adjust the keywords in your campaign on a daily basis. Unprofitable keywords are blocked, and profitable keywords are have their bid raised/adjusted, in order to ensure maximum success.

Call Tracking and Lead Tracking: All PPC campaigns have call tracking, and lead tracking, setup. Most lawyer PPC companies do not have the capability to track how many calls are coming from PPC. We can tell you not only which phone calls from PPC, but we can also tell you how long it was, what the callers phone number was, and we can even record the call.

Having a professionally designed pay per click campaign byDotComWebDesign is necessary in order to attain an ROI.

We do: Google Adwords PPC, Adwords retargeting, Bing/Yahoo PPC, and more.