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Contact form abandonment happens when a potential client starts filling out the form, or was about to fill out a firm – by chooses not to. As a result, the customer leaves before fully filling out the form, or filling out the form at all. The rate at which visitors abandon a contact form is a very important statistic to track for lawyers.

If you’re spending advertisement dollars on numerous sources then tracking your contact form abandonment rate is a very important statistic. The rate at which visitors abandon, or ignore, your contact form, is a very important statistic for lawyers. It can mean the difference between being profitable, or going broke – yet spending ten s of thousands of advertising campaigns. Any changes in the abandonment rate of your contact form as a lawyer, will have a direct impact on your bottom line.

In short, the abandonment rate is a measure of how many people intended on filling out your contact form, and yet didn’t do it. There are many ways to recognize the issues and then take steps to either avoid, or resolve, the issues causing contact form abandonment.

The common reason for contact form abandonment is the user didn t see the contact form. Modern users online have a very short attention span, and that means it’s critical to have numerous call to actions, and numerous contact forms, all over the website in order to improve the conversion rate of the form.

Error messages, or technical issues on different browser versions, and different platforms – is a common reason for customers being lost. If a website doesn’t work on older versions of browser, or on other tech platforms – like android, or iphone, it’s crucial you make sure your website works universally.

You aren t able to convince the customer to fill out the contact form. Many websites we see are outdated, or aren t compelling. This simply means the prospective client will not be compelled you re the right lawyer for him/her.

cart abandonment is a huge financial problem solving it is a difficult process. You should begin with hiring a competent lawyer SEO company who understand how to diagnose these issues. Here are some great tools you can use to help diagnose the contact form abandonment issue.


Inspectlet is a great tool. It essentially records a website session on your website. It literally does a video recording of what a person was doing on your website. With this software, you can see exactly where a person’s mouse went.

Here’s a pretty good video review of it. I highly recommend reading the entire video, in order to understand more about how it works