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Google Pigeon

Oct 12, 2014

There has been a lot of talk about speculation about Pigeon. Most recently, there was an article discussing the roll-back of Pigeon. Here at DotComLegalMarketing, we’ve got experience working with many lawyers. We’ve seen a large degree of “churn” with SERPS changing on a frequent basis in places.

First and foremost, based on data shared by a number of third party sources, it seems that with Pigeon, Google more heavily emphasized the role of “SEO” in Google place rankings.

In many instances, we’ve noticed websites whose organic rankings fluctuate(go down or up), have corresponding shifts in Google place positions.

One of the clients we service has had a historic issue with Penguin. His rankings daily fluctuate(organics), from bottom of page 1, to top of page 2. Similarly, his Google place rankings shift from letter C to letter F, and normally it correlates with his organic rankings.

It seems that the key to Pigeon, is focusing on NAP citations, but in addition – focusing on organic SEO components as well.


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