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Lawyer Marketing 101

Oct 26, 2014

Need more leads for your law firm? Want to build clientele? Need to promote yourself professionally as well as promote your brand? You need marketing tools. And it’s easier than you think. Here are a few tips to get you started.

What is SEO? SEO is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is how you or your firm comes up in search results, for example Google. Ever wonder why certain businesses or firms always come up at the top of the results list when you Google the words lawyer Iowa and others do not? Its because the more technically advanced and Internet savvy firms are using good SEO content on their websites. So what is SEO content? It is content (text) on your website or blog that contain certain keywords. These keywords are what Google (or any search engine) detect and therefore make a match between the searched words and your website or blog. SEO is also the code embedded into your website or blog that the search engine spiders find and present in the search results.

Attorney Focused Web Design
Anyone can throw together a website these days. Literally, our children can do it. But what makes an attorneys website different from all the others? Web design. The right web design is like making a great first impression. You want to hire a web designer that will:
– Analyze and get to know your firm
– Have a thorough understanding of what you specialize in
– Know the strengths of you as an attorney and/or strengths of the firm
– Write effective content that motivates potential Clients to call for a consultation
– Write effective programming code to maximize visibility on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
– Understand the goal which is to turn website visitors into Clients

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Video Production
One of the best ways to communicate your vision to website visitors (think: potential Clients) is with video. Video gives website visitors information about your firm that will motivate them to call or complete a contact form online. Videos that provide the basic information about your firm give potential Clients a very positive impression of you and your law firm.

PPC or Pay Per Click
The PPC strategy is to hire a certified PPC technician that can set up your PPC campaign, customize your advertisement text and optimize your listings for higher placement and maximum number of clicks to your firms webpage. Its paying for SEO, basically. What youre buying is top ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo searches. Be assured, it is money well spent.

You, or someone you hire, can create a customized blog that looks professional and more like a standardized website. The goal is to improve website conversion rate. What is a conversion rate? It is how many times a website viewer does something; for example, clicks the link to watch your video, or fills out a contact form, or clicks a link that takes them to the Bios of all the attorneys in the firm, those sorts of things. A high conversion rate is a very good thing. It means your blog/website is effective and motivating people to call you. The goal is to get them to call you, come in for a consultation, and walk out of there with you as their attorney.

Legal Content Writing
This is where SEO and keywords come in handy. You, or a freelance writer you may hire, will create the legal content for your blog FOR YOU. Writers familiar with legal content and lawyer blogs are very skilled at writing content that is informative, valuable, accurate and represents you well as a lawyer, a law firm and a branded business.

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Marketing for lawyers is a little more specialized than other types of marketing, but it is certainly necessary and pays well as a return on your investment. Now that you have some of the tools you need, get a team together that can produce these things and watch your business grow.