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Why Lawyers Should Use Call Tracking

Oct 27, 2014

While many lawyers are familiar with the usage of “conversion code,” tracking, in order to track how many leads are generated from marketing efforts – one of the lesser known, yet even more valuable, form of tracking is call tracking.

Most lawyers, and even marketers, are unaware of the fact call tracking is even possible. It’s possible to know exactly where all of your calls come from, making it so you can understand your overall cost per lead.

With call tracking, you can know how many leads come from campaigns like Adwords, Organic (google, bing, and yahoo), or even from 3rd party websites, like

If you’re like most medium to large law firms, you spend a large sum of money on PPC ($X,XXX to $XX,XXX) per month. With the help of call tracking, you can understand which Adword keywords convert into phone calls, and which do not. Using this knowledge, you can make more educated decisions about your Adwords spend.

I’m not saying that call tracking is an excuse to simply lower your overall PPC spend. What i’m saying is that with the help of call tracking, you can make more educated decisions on where to spend your PPC dollars. That means you can free up your budget for keywords that convert, and lower your overall cost per lead.

In the case of one of our clients, we were able to lower their overall cost per lead by 30%, using information gained from call tracking.

It works. You have to do it.