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How can lawyers use Craigslist to generate new leads

Apr 01, 2017

Craigslist is a very old website, almost as old as the internet itself. It’s an advertising portal, where you can post advertisements. People post car advertisements, and virtually everything else. In the context of lawyers though, it’s POSSIBLE to post advertisements/participate in order to generate a new source of business. For example, here’s the NEW YORK craiglist section. I did a quick Control+F in order to find all the mentions of “LEGAL”. There’s a legal forum, a legal services section, and a legal jobs portal.

In the context of attorneys looking to generate more business, the legal SERVICES section is what should interest you. By posting your advertisement in the respective section of your Craigslist, it’s possible to find a new source of leads/traffic that you may not be already getting. Below is a screenshot of the LEGAL SERVICES section, and you can already see a HUGE bunch of advertisements.

By not being here, you’re missing a potential source of traffic

The future of lead generation isn’t about SEO, or any one form of lead generation. It’s about generating leads from EVERYWHERE.

On April 1, alone, you can see MANY posts were done ranging from personal injury, to business law, small claims, real estate, and even divorce/matrimony. Bottom line, there is money to be made for attorneys who are willing to put in place a marketing campaign that includes Craigslist postings in the legal section. There are many consumers who PATRONIZE craigslist, and go here. Why are you missing out on these potential clients?