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Apr 01, 2017

DotComLawyerMarketing firmly believes that personalizing your website’s content is the KEY to improving your conversion rate. Having a “one size” fits all of content, doesn’t help. You need immense amounts of personalization, on each and every bit of content. The one size fits all marketing strategy won’t engage every single type of customer. With Dot Com Lawyer Marketing, we can help you personalize your content. Our proprietary A/B testing software allows you to provide each website visitor with unique content that is being tailored to their previous on-site actions. In addition, we can help customize new offers/free consultations, based on the demographic data of your prospective audience. Moreover, our proprietary software can analyze visitor behavior in real time, and then react with call to actions that motivate consumers. Our bottom line is providing the right message, to the right person, always.

What can we personalize on your website?

We can help personalize different greetings on your website from the second a website visitor arrives. We can immediately start helping them get the information they need. We can also greet first time visitors with an overview of your service offering, and what you do. In addition, we can help returning visitors with links to previous pages they may have visited.

Another item we can help do is create unique call to actions necessary at different stages of the lead generation process. First time visitors might be scared with a blatant “CALL US NOW,” message – but if someone’s been on your website for a few minutes, they may be more motivated to click the “CALL NOW” button. We believe in timely call to actions, which speak to a visitor based on how long they’ve been on your website. We believe in targeted messages which are super compelling, rather than generic statements which are meant to appeal to everyone.

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Special offers are another way to incentive customers to contact you. Things like “discounts” or “free consultations,” are great and increases the chances that a visitor who visits your website will actually reach out to you.