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Yelp Lawyer Advertising

Sep 30, 2016

One of the most commonly asked questions to us is whether or not lawyers should focus on Yelp marketing. Yelp can potentially be a huge source of business, or it could feel like a waste of time.

When asked by prospective clients, here’s how we typically answer.

1. In many instances, when you’re googling keywords, you may see business listing pages on rank on page 1. In other cases, you may see “category” pages, of Yelp, rank on page 1. For example, if you Google Divorce related keywords in NYC, you’ll actually see a Yelp category page on page 1 of Google.

Now imagine, if you were position #1 on this Yelp page. You would essentially get a “free” page 1 listing, on an important keyword in Google, while at the same time getting exposure in front of people going to Yelp and looking for a reputable divorce lawyer.

In this context, it makes A LOT OF SENSE to engage in Yelp marketing. As a lawyer, doing legal yelp marketing can be the difference between a few cases, and many cases, each month.

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