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How To Track Phone Calls On Lawyer Websites

Aug 21, 2015

If you’re a lawyer – it’s extremely important you know where your revenue/cases are coming from. Conversion tracking is a huge part of any legal marketing campaign – whether it be digital or traditional. Without having any form of conversion tracking setup, it’s impossible to tell which element of your marketing campaign is working – and which is not.

When it comes to digital campaigns, all advertising mediums end with your website. It’s the destination for all traffic, so naturally you need to be able to track the source of phone calls on your website. Our latest blog, addresses how we help lawyers with call tracking – and being able to decipher where phone calls on a lawyers website are coming from.

The Lingo: What’s a conversion?

Conversion is defined as any time a user on your website does something you intended. For a law firm, a conversion is filling out a contact form, or making a phone call to your firm.

Tracking The Source of a Phone Call

Call tracking is a bit of an unknown topic, that hasn’t been fully exploited. Many lawyers we speak to today, still don’t know that you can find out WHERE phone calls that originated from your website came from.

For example, for any lawyer that works with our legal marketing agency – we install call tracking. This allows us to tell the lawyer each month, how many calls came from places such as: avvo, legal directories, google, bing, yahoo, or practically any other source – including social media.

Yes, it’s possible – and no it doesn’t require a degree in rocket science.

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How Does Call Tracking Work?

Call tracking is a simple concept. Essentially, what most call tracking solutions do is identify the source of the traffic —- and show that visitor, a different phone number – than everyone else on your website. They automatically replace your phone number, (dynamically and on the fly each time someone visits your website), with a new number.

For example, if you were tracking visitors coming from: Avvo, Bing, Yahoo, and Google SEO, — then the call tracking service would set aside 4 phone numbers). Each phone number would only appear if a visitor comes from that exact specific source of traffic to your website.

That means a person would Avvo would see a specific phone number unique to AVVO VISITORS. If the person calls that new number, it auto-forwards to your phone, so the user doesn’t even realize he has been tracked. Meanwhile, you now have confirmation that AVVO produced a lead for you – and now you can credit AVVO.

That’s basically how any form of call-tracking works. Now, some call tracking companies may offer other bells and whistles: such as call recording, or etc, – but the basics are still the same.

The service we typically suggest when trying to implement call tracking is Callrail.