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Top Kansas City Immigration Lawyer Website Designs

Jul 24, 2015

Today we’re going to look at some of the top Kansas City immigration lawyer website designs. Immigration law, can be extremely competitive depending on which part of the country you’re in. Cities like Los Angeles, and NYC are more competitive – due to the large amount of people first arrive in those cities. Cities like Kansas City, can be competitive, depending on whether immigration is being driven there by individuals through a professional company, or individuals who are simply looking to make a change in their life and immigration to the USA.

Today, we’re going to review the top SEO ranking Kansas City immigration lawyers and attorneys, and more importantly look at the ones who have the best websites.

Generally speaking, we believe that having the best website is a hard metric. After all, what is the best?

We’ve seen websites in the past which are great, from a cosmetic sense – but fail to answer the necessary questions a prospective consumer will have when trying to make a choice on why to pick a law firm. In other words, the website looks pretty – but lacks “business sense,” and as a result, fails to properly convince a prospective client to engage with your firm.

Examples of things which may convince a prospective client to call you is: noteworthy media mentions, testimonials, before/after case studies, properly addressing how big your law firm is + your scale and magnitude.

We’ve seen the most beautiful of websites FAIL to convey these elements which are what a consumer bases his/her decision on when choosing a law firm.

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Overwhelming Consensus: While several immigration lawyers in Kansas City rank well in Google, none have cosmetically appealing websites. 

When you Google keywords like, “Kansas City Immigration Lawyers,” you’ll see a variety of law firms rank, in addition to lawyer directories, and review directories.

In terms of law firms who rank with their own organic website, the following law firms seem to be doing a good job ranking on page 1 of Google.





None of these websites seem to have their SEO, or website design done by any of the traditional lawyer marketing agencies, such as Lexis Nexus, FindLaw, Justia, or Scorpion. In fact, many of them lack much of the sophisticated and cluttered designs that some of the firms we mentioned above normally create. These are very simple websites.

Many of them look like simple templates, with some changes done in order to make them feel custom. In some cases, such as the law firm of Austin&Ferguson, the design is so simple – it almost feels like it’s from 2003. (screenshot below).


While we commonly associate the legal industry as having a high “requirements,” when it comes to quality of site + cosmetics, it certainly seems like in Kansas City – you don’t need a high quality site, or a site with a lot of content on it to rank well. In the case of, their website is only 17 pages big, yet they are on page 1 of Google. Doesn’t seem like they are really playing the content generation game!

However, when we look at, their website is 78 pages big. It looks like they translated their website into Spanish, which is increasing their page count. This might be one of the reasons why this firm ranks in the top 2, in Google, for Kansas City immigration keywords.

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Backlinks: When we looked at the backlinks of, it doesn’t seem like they have that many. Here’s a screenshot from, which shows that this law firm has only 61 backlinks. In contrast, an immigration law firm in NYC may have low-thousands.



When we dig deeper into the firm, many of their links seem to be organic/sponsorship links generated from the firm’s natural efforts in their local community/profession. For example, here’s a list of their top backlinks.

These all seem natural links, except for maybe the first one(sponsorship results in a link, so possibly questionable?).

When we look at the other law firms ranking in Kansas City for immigration, a similar trend is observed.



This is another immigration law firm, that ranks a little bit below for Kansas City Immigration Lawyer related keywords.

In this case, this firm has about 139 links. Again, it doesn’t seem like it’s a lot of links.


Here are some of the top links the firm has:


ALL of these links seem REALLY organic and REALLY great. As a lawyer reading this, you should take away the fact that if you focus on organic links that are real – you too can rank well in Google. You don’t need thousands. You just need quality links. Having said that, in some jurisdictions, like Los Angeles, the number might be higher – but focus on legitimate links – not fake ones.