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Live Chat For Lawyers

Sep 30, 2013

Live chat is one of the best ways for a lawyer to add interactivity to their website. Not only are there economic benefits, there’s a great deal of customer satisfaction possible when doing live chat.

What’s Live Chat?

Live chat is a type of customer support, that is popular for online websites. It’s a type of online chat application designed to provide online assistance to users. The general concept is that when a user clicks on your webpage, a chat window appears where users can engage in a discussion with someone from the website.

By taking advantage of legal live chat services offered by DotComWebDesign, lawyers can now better leverage traffic on their website and increase the amount of leads they generate.

Lawyer Live Chat Is a Marketing Tool

If your site receives a lot of visitors, having live chat is a GREAT idea. Regardless of what your conversion rate is, lawyer live chat services make it possible to increase your conversion. Having live chat positively increases user engagement.

Live chat will increase the amount of visitors on your website, who reach out to you.

Lawyer live chat by DotComWebDesign helps your firm by providing immediate personal interaction with visitors on your website.

We help convert visitors into leads
We make it possible for you to get opportunities that you wouldn’t get otherwise
We help you project a big firm image through Live chat
We create a dedicated customer support system, without the internal headaches

Why Lawyers Love Our Live Chat Service

Live Chat Window
Our live chat service is able to rapidly engage with visitors on your website. Live chat can be customized to appear after pre-defined targets, including timer delays, or appearing instantly. It can even be customized to only appear on certain pages! It’s limitless.

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We Have Live Chat Operators Who Have Experience

Regardless of the type of business you have, your visitors will be greeted by a professional live chat representative, who is trained in providing live chat services for lawyers. Their focus is gathering leads on behalf of your law firm.

Capture Leads Real Time 24/7

Regardless of what time of day, our live chat representatives are available to service your potential clients. One of the biggest issues lawyers have, is that a visitor comes on their website when their staff is not available to service them. With our live chat specialists, you’re always covered. Our team is available to help take information on behalf of your law firm, and generate leads, even when you’re asleep!

Chat Transcripts

We believe in transparency, and accountability. We provide live access to the transcripts of ALL chats.

Mobile Integration

Regardless of whether a prospective client is on their computer, or on a mobile device, our live chat system is here to help. Our live chat service works regardless of your operating system.