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Top Milwaukee Immigration Lawyer Website Designs

Aug 02, 2016

Today we’re going to look at the top Milwaukee immigration lawyers. We’re going to assess them based on the quality of their website, how well they rank in Google, and what are the contributing factors. Ranking for immigration, in a city like Milwaukee, is certainly easier than NYC, or other tougher coastal cities.

Ryan Immigration

This is the top ranking immigration attorney in Milwaukee. They ranked in both Google places and in Search Engines. One of the most interesting things about this website, is the fact it’s able to rank, yet doesn’t have a significant amount of content on it’s home page. Most SEO companies, and websites, that rank well for “law” have a minimum of 500-600 words on their home page. It’s a general rule we’ve seen apply among all attorneys. The content you see in the screenshot below represents a summary of all the content on their home page.



When we looked to see if the website has a lot of content, as a whole, we saw that the website only has 17 pages. It definitely looks like ranking for immigration, in the city of Milwaukee – isn’t all that difficult. Typically, in cities like Los Angeles or NYC – you’ll see websites with 500+ pages. In this case, RyanImmigrationLaw only has 17 pages indexed by Google. What this proves once again, is that lower populated cities, definitely have less competition – and things that would ordinarily be impossible to do – are possible. In the context of “law,” you can rank for a competitive practice area like immigration, even with little to no SEO efforts.

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The last thing to look at how is many backlinks the firm has. We used, and looked at all the various backlinks coming into the domain across the board. If you look at the screenshot below, you’ll see there’s barely any coming at all. Again, showcasing – there’s just very little competition. In analyzing immigration in Milwaukee, it’s pretty much a fact that if RyanImmigration can rank in the top with little to no SEO efforts, it’s likely that most of the other players are probably doing little to no SEO. When we looked to see who was servicing the firm – it wasn’t one of the usual suspects (FindLaw, Justia, etc). It appeared they were being serviced by some individual web design agency local in Milwaukee.


Ahmad & Guerard

This is another website, ranking in Milwaukee. The firm has their marketing done by an individual web design agency. It doesn’t look like a Justia, or FindLaw design. What’s interesting about this website is the fact that this firm doesn’t even focus on immigration specifically – yet the rank in search engines. This further emphasizes the earlier remark – that Milwaukee is so easy to rank well with immigration in. If you barely try, you’ll rank well.

In the screenshot attached, you’ll see the firm has immigration, among other practice areas, mentioned on their website. Looks like if you even “mention” the phrase immigration, and do some degree of SEO – you’ll rank for it.ahmad


In terms of on-site content, this is one of the rare instances we’ve seen a website rank for a “generic” practice area, like immigration – without even focusing on it exclusively on their homepage. When we looked to examine the title-tags of the website, we similarly saw NO mentions of immigration at all on the website. It definitely looks like you can rank, with little to no effort.

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The Trend Is Clear

We normally believe legal is a tough practice area, across the board. It definitely appears though, that if you pick a legal practice area in a low competition city – or a city where the practice area isn’t as necessary, it’s easy to rank. I doubt many people are going to Milwaukee for immigration – this might be why it’s just not as competitive of a service. As a result, if you’re trying to rank for it – you can do it easily.

If your a firm looking for more business, it might make sense to either make a new website for a low competition practice area (where you can rank easily), or simply add the practice area to your existing website, since you’ll be able to rank quick. In the case of Ahmad & Guerard, they barely mention immigration on their home page – yet rank for it.