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Iowa Lawyer Marketing Agency

Oct 13, 2013

In this contemporary era, the internet has become an increasingly effective arena through which Iowa lawyers can market their services to prospective clients. When it’s time for you to select the right marketing company to help you push your business forward, DotCom Legal Marketing is your first choice for excellent, expedient services. To learn more about who we are and the excellent services we can offer you, please review the brief outline provided below:

About Us

As a law firm marketing agency that empowers law firms all over the country, DotCom Legal Marketing specializes in offering lawyers the tools and expert advise necessary to advertise their services to people in their area. We have clients throughout the country and work with lawyers from a plethora of different legal practice areas. We are also happy to work with firms of all sizes and shapes, including the small, medium, and large-sized firms. By adopting a customer-centered approach to the world of internet marketing, the professionals of DotCom Legal Marketing enable us to work effectively on behalf of any law firm.

Services Offered

As the world of digital marketing continues to evolve, the online advertising experts of DotCom Legal Marketing evolve with it in order to keep offering our clients the high quality services they need and deserve. Some of the great digital marketing services we are happy to offer include:

1. Website Design.

As many digital marketing experts know, a great website is the foundation of any strong internet marketing campaign. In recognizing this reality, the professionals of DotCom Legal Marketing are pleased to put together creative, brand-building websites for lawyers in order to help them catch and keep the attention of their local target market. There are several strategies our experts employ to realize this objective, and one of them includes the use of responsive web design techniques. This technique involves ensuring that the website is optimized so that viewers will engage the content and images that appear on its pages. Once this process is put in motion, the client’s conversion rates typically experience a substantive increase.

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2. Video Production.

Video production is an inalienable component of a good digital marketing campaign. As many internet advertising experts know, people are more likely to watch a video than read a web article or blog post. The experts of DotCom Legal Marketing recognize the truth of this principle, and that is why we specialize in putting together innovative, eye-catching videos that will help our lawyers make the great value of their legal services known to the public.

3. SEO Services.

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is the process by which a website is optimized in order to attain high ranking in the search engine results pages of major engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In recognizing that this increased visibility translates into greater conversion rates, the professionals of DotCom Legal Marketing specialize in offering high quality SEO services to help our lawyers optimize their visibility and conversion rates. Some of the SEO services that we offer include content creation, link building, and keyword research.

4. Business Strategy.

Every business that is interested in attaining success and undergoing continual growth needs to have a strategic plan. This principle is true for every type of business, including the business of law. At DotCom Legal Marketing, we are proud to offer high quality strategic plans that help lawyers maximize their marketing directives while charting a path to long-standing success in their field.

Let’s Get Started Now!

Lawyers who live in Iowa and want to ensure that their legal business is successful should note that accessing and using high quality marketing services is the best way to realize this objective. Here at DotCom Legal Marketing, we specialize in helping people within the legal field obtain the high quality online advertising services they need in order to attain continual growth and expansion. If you are ready to take your legal firm from good to great with absolutely amazing marketing services, don’t hesitate any longer. Give us a call today and let’s schedule a consultation so we can get started immediately!