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Oct 13, 2013

Have you ever wondered why you might be working hard, have an excellent reputation and your are dedicated to your work yet you are not meeting your target? Well, what you might not know is that your marketing strategy in Kansas might not be working for you. That is where we come in – we are professionals who offer lawyer marketing services in Kansas. We have the capacity to transform your seven-days-a-week work schedule into a three-days-a-week work schedule with better returns.

Our goal is to provide you as a professional lawyer in any practice the knowledge and tools to step up your online marketing efforts. This helps you to stay on the cutting edge of marketing technology so that you can always beat stiff competition.

The web has various roles to your legal career in Kansas. These include:
• Identifying prospects for your legal services.
• Providing consumers with information in relation to your services.
• Transforming your clientele into a happy one.
We help you take advantage of these roles. We do this in various ways.

Developing a Marketing Plan

We help develop a marketing plan that compliments the long-term goals of your firm. We first determine your online marketing needs as a lawyer and come up with strategies to match the plan with your growth rate. We also customize the plan match your budget and the target audience.

Online Marketing Strategies

To achieve your online marketing goals, we use various online marketing strategies tailored specifically for your business. These strategies include:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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We promote your law firm’s information and articles on social media sites that your prospects are using every day. We also evaluate the performance of chosen keywords and make changes as necessary. Additionally, we undertake continuous monitoring to make sure your website retains its visibility and performance over time.

Video Marketing

Videos are an essential part of any successful online marketing program. Well-crafted videos offer a dynamic way to showcase the expertise and personality of your law firm to online users. We help you come up with relevant videos that capture the salient features of your law firm for the benefit of prospects. We help you achieve this through concept development, videography and full production, video editing, distribution, and optimization of the videos.

Using videos is the best way to engage viewers and elicit the right reaction. This makes a faster connection with potential clients.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile devices form the future of the internet. More and more consumers are using smartphones and tablets than PCs to surf the web. Our mobile solutions help give your customers an optimal experience regardless of the device they are using to surf the web.

In our website development, we using a technology called responsive web design, which means the resulting site can adapt to each individual user’s device while still displaying your firm’s photos, and branding. This gives you the opportunity to take advantage marketing on the go, whereby your prospects in Kansas can access your information from anywhere, anytime.

Legal Blogging Services

Legal blogging is one of the methods you can use to showcase your expertise to your prospects. Studies show that blogging and social media reach 80 percent of active internet users in the U.S. We offer a blogging platform with an exclusive dashboard and RSS feeds. This blogging platform also comes with SEO features that you can incorporate into your blog.

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We also offer blog writing services that give keyword-rich, fresh content to keep your firm at the top of search engine results pages.

Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms have evolved over the years from just being communications platforms to channels that offer you a chance to rebrand your firm to local consumers. Our goal is to help generate legal social media content, maintain your social media profile, and your online reputation. The aim of this is to take advantage of millions of users who frequent such platforms at once.

Paid Adverts.

Every month millions of people visit directories to search for a legal topic, a service, or advice. These directories are some of the platforms we use to run targeted pay per click campaigns to redirect prospects to your landing page.