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Oct 13, 2013

DotComLegalMarketing is a law firm marketing company that has years of experience helping firms around the country bring new websites online and achieve improved SEO results.

Well-known Maine firms like Pierce Atwood LLP and Drummond Woodsom and smaller firms alike can all benefit from the business strategy, website design, SEO marketing initiatives, and video production services that DotComLegalMarketing offers Maine law firms.

Website Creation and Enhanced Online Presence

Over 140 websites to date have been created by DotComLegalMarketing’s team of developers, and all of those sites continue to thrive and generate fresh leads thanks to ongoing analytics.

DotComLegalMarketing has helped firms around the country implement customized marketing solutions and achieve page-one status on the biggest search engines.

At DotComLegalMarketing we’ve overseen one thousand page-one rankings on popular search engines like Bing and Google. This increased online exposure helps Maine firms connect with prospective clients conducting local searches.

Open-Source Sites and Custom Blog Content

WordPress is used by DotComLegalMarketing’s programmers to create web content that is innovative, customized and alterable.

WordPress is an open-source content management system, which means that your firm can update newsletters and upload new blog content as the need arises. The overarching goals behind all websites that leave DotComLegalMarketing is generating more leads for your firm and more monthly cases.

We’ve created websites for a wide range of legal disciples, including: personal injury law, bankruptcy law, real estate law, and criminal law. This eclecticism fits with the range of firms in Portland, Maine. Portland alone has over three dozen bankruptcy law firms and over four dozen criminal law firms. And with over 3,000 practicing lawyers in the state of Maine, we can almost guarantee that DotComLegalMarketing has experience in your firm’s specialty.

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Legal copywriting is another tool that DotComLegalMarketing has for generating leads and driving more visitors to your firm’s website. Legal copy that makes a great impression on first-time visitors and potential clients is our primary concern. Legal copy and blog content is keyword-optimized and designed to simultaneously inspire confidence in prospective clients and generate more overall traffic to your firm’s site.

Search Engine Optimization and Video Production

Most Maine law firms essentially generate leads through either referrals or through costly advertising. There’s another way to increase conversion rates and streamline your firm’s online presence, though.

Working with a law firm marketing agency with decades of combined experience and a focus on ROI to steer your firm’s website and marketing efforts in the right direction saves money in the short term and potentially leads to dozens of more cases over the long haul.

Pairing search engine optimization with a website that’s keyword-optimized and produces consistently engaging blog content is a surefire way to drive more visitors to your firm’s site and enhance conversions.

How are SEO techniques implemented at DotComLegalMarketing? DotComLegalMarketing has a consultation with your firm to find out the keywords and services that you want emphasized. From there, our marketing experts incorporate the selected keywords and phrases into an SEO campaign that delivers ongoing ROI analysis and traffic updates on your firm’s site.

Most firms are not streamlining their online presence. As a result, Maine residents are failing to locate firms that can help with issues like personal injury or bankruptcy. Local searches are simply coming up short because the firm hasn’t taken the time to effectively highlight assets and make contact information conveniently available.

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Aside from SEO and ongoing analysis of your site’s performance, Maine firms can be set apart in another way. High-quality video production is a guaranteed means for letting prospective clients get acquainted with your lawyers and the services they provide. Streaming videos on your firms site can markedly increase conversions through effectively engaging prospective clients.

DotComLegalMarketing Services

Websites that are open-source and powered by the latest SEO techniques can help increase your firm’s online exposure and generate leads. DotComLegalMarketing also helps Maine firms deploy confident legal copy, blog content and videos with the overarching aim of increasing caseload for Maine firms. Contact DotComLegalMarketing for a free consultation.