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Oct 13, 2013

The latest statistics from the American Bar Association say that there are over 60,000 practicing attorneys in the state of Illinois. All of these Illinois lawyers and their respective law firms could get enhanced marketing direction through working with a law firm marketing agency that gets results.

A Versatile Law Firm Marketing Agency

In light of the fact that the best law firms in Illinois range in scope, size and direction, a law firm marketing agency that has experience working with an eclectic range of firms is the ideal option.

Whether you’re talking about Armstrong Teasdale LLP that has 48 firms spread across Illinois or a smaller firm like Grady Bell LLP that only has one practicing firm in the state, DotComLegalMarketing can offer helpful, customized solutions.

Illinois is rife with lawyers who need help marketing their firms, competencies and services. DotComeLegalMarketing can work with Illinois lawyers to create customized branding solutions that take advantage of the latest ways to increase conversion rates and exposure for Illinois law firms.

DotComLegalMarketing has years of experience increasing conversion rates for small and large law firms around the country. By first understanding the prospective clients’ needs and then creating a branding campaign that delivers, DotComLegalMarketing helps law firms inform clients about their services and ultimately enhance conversions.

Search Engine Optimization and Website Creation

Ensuring that Illinois law firms going through DotComLegalMarketing receive page-one status on search engines is paramount to an effective marketing campaign. If firms fail to get on page one of search engines like Google, the results can be devastating.

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Illinois law firms that aren’t using the latest search engine optimization techniques to maximize their online exposure are consistently losing ground to the competition.

Optimizing local searches and helping prospective clients in your community find Illinois lawyers is essential for driving repeat business to your firm. One important part of optimizing local searches is achieving page-one status on search engines when prospective clients search specific keywords and look for local lawyers with pertinent experience who can offer legal help.

DotComLegalMarketing can aid Illinois law firms in two critical ways. The first way is through creating custom web content and the second way is through streamlining that content’s dissemination through search engine optimization and other marketing tools.

Marketing professionals who have years of experience with search engine optimization and law firms around the country can be put in your corner to enhance your web presence and attract repeat clients to your firm.

DotComLegalMarketing has experts that can help Illinois lawyers in a deeper way, though. By first understanding your law firm and its unique challenges, the marketing experts at DotComLegalMarketing can solve advertising roadblocks that have quietly crippled your firm for years.

Flexibility in Marketing Solutions

The marketing experts at DotComLegalMarketing can help Illinois lawyers without the involvement of any long-term contracts. Our marketing experts work on a month-to-month basis and tailor solutions to your law firm. We also offer Illinois lawyers the opportunity to select one or all of the services they need; there’s no need to select a bundle of services that you might not use anyway.

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DotComLegalMarketing works on an exclusive basis with all of its clients, so there’s never a conflict of interest. When you work with DotComLegalMarketing you’re getting customized solutions from experts who understand your particular marketing challenges and can help your firm overcome lack of exposure or underperforming websites and lackluster SEO results.

There’s also ongoing analytics that help inform return on investment and your firm’s ongoing SEO performance. Call tracking, website maintenance and ongoing analytics let Illinois firms know the marketing strategies that are working and the ones that need a fresh look.

In other words, Illinois firms are able to track ROI on a monthly basis so that they can see in real-time how DotComLegalMarketing delivers more online exposure, client confidence and improves local search and SEO results.

Illinois firms can contact DotComLegalMarketing today to speak with a client and get a quote. This helps to set realistic expectations with respect to search engine optimization, lead generation and enhanced conversions that can lead Illinois firms to gain online exposure and prosper in local communities.