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Oct 12, 2013

Attorneys are generally so busy they do not have the time needed to effectively market their services to attract potential clientele. Marketing is a very important aspect, however, to ensure the ongoing success of a law firm. By using a company that specializes in helping lawyers market their services and attract new clients, attorneys can be one step ahead while still being able to focus on providing top-notch legal services to their clients.

Exceptional Legal Website Design

While there are many web design companies out there, few understand what it takes to design a niche web site like those required by law firms. A law firm web site should provide potential clients with information necessary to make the client informed of the level of service the attorney is prepared to provide as well as the unique practice areas in which the attorney focuses. Choosing a firm that specializes in working as a partner with a law firm when creating and designing a website can be invaluable in creating new client leads.

Serious SEO Knowledge

It’s crucial that a law firm rank well in major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We have experience across a wide array of legal service areas, and major cities. We bring this collective experience to each and every firm we work with. It’s crucial you choose a marketing agency that is up to date with current SEO guidelines, and has experience working in a white-hat manner. Choosing a low quality vendor can be the worst decision you make. With algorithm updates in place that penalize websites who engage in malicious behavior – it’s crucial you pick a lawyer marketing agency that understands the rules.

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Video Production

People who search for information on the internet tend to linger longer on pages that include pictures and videos in addition to text. It is no different for people who search for legal information. We firmly believe that having a custom video that showcases your expertise is one of the best ways to generate great results. Not only will you get higher quality cases – you’ll get more leads, and more business results. Our experience has shown us that firms that invest into their marketing presence, get better results. That begins with a great website, and custom videos that showcases the firms expertise, resources, and skill set.

Including a Blog

Attorneys should include a well-designed blog. People often read blogs on legal websites in order to gather information and to decide whether or not they feel an attorney is the correct one for them. DotComLawyerMarketing understands this, which is why we include well-designed blogs on attorney pages. The blog content can be then written by either the lawyer him or herself or by a legal freelance writer who understands how to present the attorney’s information in an effective manner.

What happens next

Once you’ve decided you need a new marketing agency – we encourage you to contact us. When you contact us, we’ll conduct an internal investigation into how your campaign is performing, and what’s holding it back. We’ll discuss the specifics with you over the phone, and internalize it in the form of a proposal. Our focus will be on diagnosing what we can do specifically – and how that’ll improve your visibility, and overall conversion rate.

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