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Oct 12, 2013

Years ago, it seemed lawyers just opened an office and clients found them. However, times have changed. Today’s lawyers cannot simply rely on word-of-mouth or other means of traditional advertising. Savvy lawyers today, like most businesses, have come to realize the power of internet marketing. Whether a lawyer is specializing in criminal law, personal injury law or other areas it’s vital to have a comprehensive marketing plan that will result in more business than they can handle. Arkansas lawyers who want to make sure they are well-known and are the first option when it comes to internet searches turn to to help them be the best they can be.

Today’s business world is as competitive as ever, and it takes much time and effort to stand out from the crowd. This is where can help take a legal practice to the next level. Using our many years of marketing experience and knowledge of what it takes for a law practice to get noticed today, we can help Arkansas lawyers in Little Rock and other cities and towns become household names. Regardless of our client’s budget, we can act as the Chief Marketing Officer and develop a strategy that will result in increased business and recognition.

Website Design
Here at, we specialize in helping our clients develop the best and most visible web presence possible. One of the best ways to become known and accessible to a large number of potential clients is through a website. Surprisingly, many lawyers still do not have a visible presence on the world wide web, which greatly decreases their chances of having a thriving practice. Our team is skilled in creating websites that are not only visually compelling to visitors, but also packed full of useful information that will help generate leads on a consistent basis. In today’s world of online marketing it’s all about lead generation, which just happens to be one of our many specialties.

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No Long-Term Commitments
One of the things many of our clients like best about us is the fact that we do not rely on long-term contracts when providing our services. Because we work with lawyers throughout Arkansas and the United States, we are able to take on a limited client base. In doing so, we know each client will be served in the best possible way, making sure all our services are provided in an ethical and transparent fashion. Because every client works on a month-to-month basis with us rather than on a long-term contract basis, there is no pressure on either side to do anything that doesn’t feel right. We treat all our clients exactly the way we would want to be treated, making sure we fulfill our role as advisor and partner to them and their practice.

It’s All About Google
Law practices in Arkansas and elsewhere that wish to increase their clientele must come to accept the fact that online marketing starts and stops with Google. To have the best possible web presence requires using SEO tactics that result in ranking as high as possible on major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. We have many SEO specialists on staff with years of experience helping law firms in Arkansas and major metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles and New York rank number one on these and other search engines. From our many years of marketing experience, we know people conducting internet searches rarely scroll very far down the page, so it’s crucial to be as high on the list as possible.

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With our 34 years of combined experience and having served more than 150 law firms, we know what it takes to create an online marketing presence that will help you blow away the competition. If you are a lawyer in Arkansas and want to take your practice to the next level, give us a try. To show how sure we are of our ability to help your practice, we offer a free 45-day trial of our services. If you’re not satisfied, you can just walk away. However, we think once you see what we can do for you, you’ll agree it is the start of a perfect partnership.