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Oct 12, 2013

According to the Colorado Bar Association, there are an estimated 18,000 attorneys who are registered with the Colorado Bar Association. This does not include attorneys who are practicing in Colorado who are not registered with the Colorado Bar Association. The large number of attorneys in Colorado make it extremely competitive and difficult for attorneys who want to increase their client base. With the increased use of the Internet, an online marketing strategy is the best way increase chances of success when gaining potential clients.

To successfully market a business online certain criteria must be met, and the highly-qualified team of professionals at DotComLegalMarketing can help attorneys and law firms achieve their marketing goals. The team of professionals at DotComLegalMarketing include highly-skilled web designers, business development analysts, and SEO experts who strive to exceed clients expectations. The team of professionals collect important information and analyze the information to create a customized marketing strategy that works best for the client. The personalized marketing campaign is beneficial for attorneys who are just out of law school, or established law firms and attorneys who want to gain new clients.

There are many Colorado residents who search for attorneys and legal services on a daily basis, which is why SEO (search engine optimization) is crucial for a page one status. When individuals search for an attorney, they will most likely choose one that is on the first page of a popular search engine such as Google. The highly-skilled team of professionals at DotComLegalMarketing work hard to ensure all of their clients appear on page one of search engines.

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Most other online marketing companies require that clients enroll in a long-term contract. However, DotComLegalMarketing does not require clients to enroll in a long term contract. In fact, our company allows clients to work with us on a month-to-month basis. DotComLegalMarketing also offers clients the opportunity to monitor their ROI on a monthly basis through call tracking and ongoing analytics that are established on each website. The team of professionals at DotComMarketing work to improve search engine rankings and lead flow. Clients can be assured that there will always be an open line of communication between our professionals and the many clients we serve.

DotComMarketing understands the most important factor in an online marketing campaign is the law firm’s website. Our website designers create websites for clients that are easy to operate and update. Our website designers build every website by using WordPress, and every website is designed on cases generated. The purpose of our website design agency is to design optimum websites for law firm’s that result in measurable case flow. Our company does not place time limits on website design because we understand the importance of meeting the goals of the client, and the client owns all of the work that is put into developing their website. For law firms that want to stand-out in Colorado, DotComLegalMarketing can help law firms of every size achieve their goals.

DotComLegalMarketing is a custom company, so potential clients can choose to use only one service or they can use all of the services offered. Another great service offered by DotComLegalMarketing is high-quality video production. Attorneys in Colorado must compete with thousands of their fellow attorneys for new clients, and a high-quality video that promotes your law firm can be an excellent opportunity to stand-out from other competitors.

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For several years the professionals at DotComLegalMarketing have developed a large number of websites on behalf of attorneys throughout the United States, which has given our company the expertise to successfully market a website. Our professionals are trained to understand the components of attracting a target audience including how to use keywords and key phrases to optimize visibility to your website.

It can be difficult to compete among thousands of attorneys with the same specialization, but DotComLegalMarketing can make law firm’s stand apart from the rest, which results increased exposure and an increased number of clients.