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Oct 13, 2013

There are a large number of attorneys in Florida, which make it a competitive state for attorneys who want to attain new business. Attorneys lead busy lives. It can be difficult for attorneys to devote the proper amount of time to marketing via the Internet. Online marketing is a necessary for obtaining new clients, and it is important to carefully market legal services online to gain maximum exposure of your target audience. If your law firm is not listed on the first page of a search engine, then chances are your law firm has lost many potential clients. However, DotComLegalMarketing works together with an array of attorneys and law firms across the country, including Florida, to provide law firms with excellent and unique online marketing solutions.

DotComLegalMarketing is capable of providing marketing solutions from new law firms to established attorneys. Another benefit offered by DotComLegalMarketing is there are no long term contract requirements, the company’s services are provided on a month to month basis.

If attorneys in Florida are interested in partnering with DotComLegalMarketing, then they should complete a contact form located on website to schedule a free consultation. The information that is collected from the contact form will be evaluated by a company representative to evaluate the attorney’s, or law firm’s, current marketing campaign needs and perform an initial baseline analysis. A kick-off meeting will then be scheduled, which can be in person or on the phone, so the company’s representative can gather further information to determine what marketing campaign will best suit the goals of the business.

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The in-person, or phone consultation, is a vital part of understanding what actions need to be taken in order to help law firms and attorneys succeed through online marketing. The team of professionals at our company take this meeting seriously to ensure the needs of the client are understood. This is also the perfect opportunity for potential clients to ask any questions that have not been answered and provide any additional information about the business that can aid in the development of the marketing campaign. DotComLegalMarketing will then develop a personalized proposal for clients to review. This proposal is in-depth, so it is recommended for clients to review the proposal carefully.

The representatives at DotComLegalMarketing work diligently to get clients a one-page status on popular search engines such as Google. Modern technology, such as the Internet, has made it a competitive world for attorneys and other legal professionals. The team at DotComLegalMarketing are highly-qualified SEO experts, website designers, and business development specialists who understand what it takes to successfully market online legal services. It is crucial that specific keywords are utilized in order to increase the chances of appearing on page one of a search engine, and the skilled professionals at DotComLegalMarketing can help law firms of every size achieve the prestigious page-one status.

DotComLegalMarketing also offers clients high-quality video marketing services, which can be the perfect opportunity to clearly convey a message of a law firm or attorney. Video marketing is the perfect way to differentiate from the wide variety of law firms that are offering the same legal services in Florida.

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Another important benefit law firms and attorneys can gain from working with DotComLegalMarketing is ongoing analytics. The company’s team of professionals perform website maintenance and ongoing analytics thoroughly. The company also tracks ROI every month to show clients how they have gained exposure from month-to-month.

LegalDotComMarketing can provide many benefits to attorney throughout Florida by the wide-range of services offered by the company’s highly-qualified professionals. It can be extremely difficult for attorneys in Florida to obtain new clients because of the growing number of attorneys in the state. This is why it is vital to choose a marketing company that is versatile and offer clients personalized solutions such as DotComMarketing. There are many individuals throughout the state of Florida that are search for legal services every day, so attorneys should seize the vast amount of opportunities available in Florida by using an online marketing company such as DotComMarketing.