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Oct 13, 2013

Some of the biggest law firms in Michigan like Dickinson Wright or Bodman PLC can benefit from targeted SEO marketing as much as more modest firms in Michigan. A marketing solution that optimizes the essence of a firm’s strengths and creates better search engine results that bring those strengths to the public is the kind of press that benefits everyone.

Benefits of DotComLegalMarketing

DotComLegalMarketing works with Michigan lawyers to create ROI opportunities that draw heavily on search engine optimization and streamline local search results. The end goal is linking up prospective clients who are looking for a particular set of services that law firms in Michigan can provide.

With no long-term contract and the ability to select one or all of the marketing services that DotComLegalMarketing offers to Michigan firms, going through an experienced firm like DotComLegalMarketing is a win-win. The marketing experts at DotComLegalMarketing have worked with lawyers around the country to deliver improved online visibility and markedly improved search engine results.

There are over 30,000 practicing lawyers in the state of Michigan, and DotComLegalMarketing realizes that different firms require different marketing solutions. For these reasons, DotComLegalMarketing requires no long-term contracts yet gives firms the benefits of exclusivity agreements. You’ll never face an awkward conflict of interest when going through DotComLegalMarketing for your marketing needs.

Business Strategy, SEO and Legal Website Design

DotComLegalMarketing creates custom websites for Michigan lawyers with the overarching intent of maximizing leads and conversions.

Websites created by DotComLegalMarketing’s team of skilled developed are created to enable ongoing logistics and ROI analysis on a monthly basis. Our websites will also get your firm picked up on page one of popular search engines and facilitate a connection between your lawyers and Michigan residents looking for legal counsel.

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While living off of a purely referral-based system would be the preferred option for many Michigan firms, sometimes a more targeted and proactive marketing approach is needed. Instead of a shotgun approach to advertising, though, the marketing experts at DotComLegalMarketing use their ten years of experience to deliver targeted results through SEO and local searches.

Keyword optimization is used in tandem with the latest SEO and ROI techniques to provide more online exposure and ongoing analytics for large and small Michigan law firms. Some firms have reported that they’ve gone from one or two cases every month to consistently navigating eight or more cases every month thanks to the marketing efforts and increased online exposure created by DotComLegalMarketing.

Websites created by DotComLegalMarketing’s developers are customized for Michigan lawyers. DotComLegalMarketing has already created websites for criminal, business and bankruptcy lawyers with the overarching goal of optimizing ROI and generating leads. When you go through DotComLegalMarketing to create or renovate your firm’s website, there are no limits placed on the amount of pages and all of the intellectual content is yours.

Websites are engaging and automatically reformatted to fit a range of mobile devices. In addition, all new websites are created with keyword optimization and search-engine compatibility in mind. Icons for live chat and updated newsletters are integrated into all new websites created at DotComLegalMarketing.

Customized parallax animations and a straightforward call to action are some of the essential features of law firm websites crafted by DotComLegalMarketing’s design team. In addition, website layouts are kept intuitive for first-time visitors to your site. If you’re a personal injury law firm, for instance, you’ll typically want separate pages for different kinds of personal injury as well as a functional landing page.

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Contact DotComLegalMarketing

Contact DotComLegalMarketing if you need copywriting done. DotComLegalMarketing specializes in legal copy and sending a confident message to first-time visitors. The copywriters at DotComLegalMarketing also handle blog content with the aim of generating buzz for your firm and attracting more prospective clients to your firm’s site.

Whether through SEO techniques or copywriting, DotComLegalMarketing wants to help your firm create more leads and conversions.

Consultations and live chats at DotComLegalMarketing are free and the first step towards creating a targeted SEO strategy for your firm that provides ongoing ROI analytics and results.

The underlying aim behind creating customized websites and enhancing search engine optimization campaigns for Michigan lawyers is increasing leads and funneling more prospective clients towards your firm.