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Oct 13, 2013

Marketing strategies are constantly evolving as society adapts to technological advances and relies more and more on the Internet. There are dozens of ways the Internet can be utilized to reach large numbers of people in Indiana, and thus you are only depriving your firm of clients if you choose to ignore or neglect your online presence. For instance: review and referral sites can be deciding factors in with her potential clients choose your Indiana law firm for their legal needs; where your website comes up in a list of search results can limit your exposure or dramatically increase your visibility; the written and multimedia content on your website can capture or turn away potential clients. There are many facets of Internet marketing, and in order to understand a couple of those better, let’s start out with what comprises an online presence in regard to marketing.

1. Simply having a website is not enough. There was a time when having a website made a company look ahead of the curve, but those days are long gone. Now, not having a website is like asking not to be found. Similarly, you cannot afford not to have a quality website. Visual appeal is key. People are accustomed to seeing a certain level of quality online, and now when a website falls short of that level, people tend to question the credibility of the organization behind the website. Again, having the website is just the beginning. Next, you face the challenge of getting people to see the site. This challenge is daunting to most people who are not in the online marketing arena. Search rankings, SEO, and more factor in to how easily people will be able to find your site when doing a basic search for legal services in Indiana. Think about it: how often do you look beyond the first page of search results? If you do look beyond the first page, how often to look past the second? It’s easy to see the importance of a top spot in a list of search results.

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2. Convenience and relevance are crucial. It often seems our attention spans have gotten shorter and shorter as information is easier and easier to access. We don’t want to have to put forth effort to get answers, and if it looks like effort is required, the “Back” button looks pretty appealing. After you get people to the website, you need to keep them there long enough to sell your firm. Your website must be easy to navigate. It also needs to do more than list your name and address. People value relevant information, so having content that engages and informs potential clients increases your credibility.

Quality content also drives traffic.
None of these online marketing strategies are rocket science or even secrets, but they do take time and knowledge to successfully employ. Unless you have hours to devote to learning the skills required to create a stunning and functional website and also boost the visibility of that website, it is likely a great investment to hire an advertising agency.

DotComLegalMarketing is an agency that exclusively works with law firms and lawyers, and only on a limited basis. Each of their clients gets a customized business strategy based on individual needs and budgets. Because DotComLegalMarketing specializes in advertising for law firms and lawyers, you can trust that content will be unique, that videos will be of quality production, and that information is accurate. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, DotComLegalMarketing uses measurable marketing strategies, so you’ll know what is working. You do not have to sign a long-term contract, and they even offer a free 45 day SEO trial period. It’s almost like you risk more by not trying DotComLegalMarketing than you do by trying.