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Oct 13, 2013

Your law firm needs to have a marketing plan and budget in place. Ignoring the importance of marketing can prevent your firm from expanding and reaching new clients. Marketing is a very complex field that requires experience and expertise in order to get the best results. This is why you should get help from a company like DotComLegalMarketing. This company can create and implement a marketing strategy that works in Louisiana for your firm. You should understand a few of the ways that a professional marketing company can help your law office.

Complete and Professional Website Design

Your website is the face of your firm online. People in Louisiana who need your legal services are going to see your website before anything else in most cases. You do not want these individuals to see a broken or poorly designed site. This will make your law firm appear disorganized and unprofessional. DotComLegalMarketing has a team of experts who can assemble a professional website for your firm. The site will be tailored to your brand and personality. It can include images of your attorneys and offices. A professional website design can make it easier to generate leads because your law firm will appear trustworthy from the very start.

Search Engine Marketing

Having a professional website is not enough anymore. You will need to allow people who need an attorney in Louisiana to find your website fast. There are many law firms in Louisiana right now. DotComLegalMarketing can help to bring your firm and website to the top of search results through search engine marketing. Your website will be optimized through different techniques in order to improve the rankings. This means anyone in Louisiana searching for a lawyer could see your website on the first or second page of results. This will start to increase site traffic. Higher amounts of traffic will make your law firm more successful over time.

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Get New Louisiana Leads Online

Getting new leads in Louisiana can be difficult without using a referral service. Relying on foot traffic or radio advertisements is not enough. DotComLegalMarketing can use a variety of strategies to bring traffic to your website. This includes pay-per-click advertising. This traffic can turn into leads generated independently online. They will often be targeted leads that need your specific legal services in Louisiana. Your firm can then focus on converting those leads generated online into clients.

Produce Videos for Potential Clients

You want people visiting your website to discover as quickly as possible that you are not like other law firms. You want to draw clear distinctions between your firm and other law offices in the area. DotComLegalMarketing can help you to do this by providing professional video production services. A video can be a powerful marketing tool especially when dealing with legal issues. A professionally produced video can explain why your firm is different in a personal way that keeps visitors interested. You can make videos that provide advice or that explain different laws. This is a good way to encourage visitors to contact your Louisiana law firm.

New Content Delivered Regularly

You want to engage visitors who are coming to your website looking for a lawyer. One way you can do this is through content that is constantly updated. DotComLegalMarketing can fill your website with real legal content that informs site visitors while also stressing the expertise and experience of your law firm. New content can be added regularly. This will bring people who visited the website once a real reason to come back. The advantage of this is that your law firm will remain in the minds of those people when it comes time to make a decision about what attorney to choose or recommend. This has the potential to increase business throughout the year.

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Have a Long-Term Strategy

Although marketing is very important, it is not necessarily something that typical law firms can perform effectively without outside help. DotComLegalMarketing can help you to develop a long-term strategy that is specific to Louisiana and your firm. A long-term strategy is important because it allows you to optimize your return on investment and employ techniques that complement each. This is far better than jumping from one random campaign to the next. A long-term strategy will build your brand and make all marketing efforts far more effective.